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Unlock the Entrepreneurial Journey: Launch Your Own Website Design Agency with the Power of Facebook Ads! Learn Proven Strategies to Kickstart and Grow Your Business in the Digital World.

Start Own Website Design Agency with Facebook Ads

Embark on a transformative journey and kickstart your entrepreneurial dreams by learning how to Start Your Own Website Designing Agency with the unparalleled influence of Facebook Ads. Unleash the power of digital marketing with our comprehensive guide, tailored for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Elevate your skills, attract clients, and build a thriving business in the dynamic world of web design. Explore the art of crafting visually stunning websites while mastering the strategic use of Facebook Ads to reach your target audience effectively. Join us on this exciting venture and turn your passion for design into a successful and rewarding career. Start creating your own path in the digital landscape with our expert insights and actionable steps. Take the leap today and transform your aspirations into a flourishing Website Design Agency with the strategic advantage of Facebook Ads

Actual Fee: Rs. 25,000 Discounted Fee: Rs. 10,000

Due to the rise in the Dollar rate and course management expenses, there will be a slight increase in the course fee. 


🖥️ Basic Computer Skills
🌐 Internet Access
💻 Computer/laptop or mobile
📚 Desire to Learn
🌱 A Growth Mindset
🔥 Dedication to complete assignments & projects

Course Duration

Batch Starts from 10th December, 2023

💻 6 Weeks (45 Days)
💻 3 Classes in a Week
👨🏻‍🏫Physical Training
📚 5 Students in a Batch

Batch Days:

✅Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
✅Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Course Benefit

  1. 🚀 Comprehensive Skill Development: Acquire a diverse set of skills ranging from website design principles to the strategic implementation of Facebook Ads, ensuring a holistic understanding of the digital landscape.

  2. 🛠️ Hands-On Experience: Gain practical, hands-on experience through real-world projects and case studies, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge to actual scenarios.

  3. 🎯 Strategic Facebook Ads Mastery: Learn how to leverage the full potential of Facebook Ads to maximize your website design agency’s visibility, attract clients, and boost business growth.

  4. 🤝 Client Attraction Techniques: Master the art of attracting and retaining clients by understanding their needs, creating compelling proposals, and delivering outstanding design solutions.

  5. 💼 Entrepreneurial Insights: Acquire valuable entrepreneurial insights, including business planning, market analysis, and effective branding strategies to establish and grow your own successful agency.

  6. 📱 Responsive Design Excellence: Learn the intricacies of responsive web design to ensure your websites look stunning and function seamlessly across various devices, enhancing user experience.

  7. 🔍 SEO Optimization Skills: Implement SEO best practices to enhance the discoverability of your websites, driving organic traffic and improving your agency’s online presence.

  8. ⏰ Time and Project Management: Develop efficient time and project management skills to meet deadlines, deliver high-quality work, and effectively manage client expectations.

  9. 🌐 Professional Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals, potential clients, and like-minded individuals through networking opportunities, fostering collaborations and business partnerships.

  10. 📚 Lifetime Access to Resources: Enjoy lifetime access to course materials, updates, and a supportive community, ensuring you stay current with industry trends and continuously enhance your skills as the digital landscape evolves.

Course Content

Module 1

  1. Introduction:
    • Scope of Website Designing in Future
    • What is Domain Names & Types of Domain Names
    • What is Hosting & Different Types of Web Hosting
    • What is NS & DNS
    • Types of CMS or Frameworks
    • Difference Between Website Designing & Website Development
    • Tools to Detect CMS Technology
    • Types of Websites
  2. Getting Started With WordPress:
    • The two worlds of WordPress – the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
    • Getting and installing WordPress
    • Installing WordPress through an auto-installer script
    • The wp-admin panel
    • Getting a Gravatar
  3. Creating Blog Content:
    • WordPress admin conventions
    • Posting on your blog
    • Discussion on your blog – comments
    • Adding and managing categories
  4. Pages, Media, And Importing/Exporting Content:
    • Pages
    • Media library
    • Importing/exporting content
  5. Plugins – What They Are And Why You Need Them:
    • Breaking down plugins – what are they?
    • Installing a plugin – how to go about this
    • The must-have pack of plugins
  6. Page Builders:
    • Type of Page Builders
    • Which Page builder is best for eCommerce & other types of websites
Module 2
  1. Introduction & Setting Up Shopify Store:
    • How to Set-Up Shopify Store
    • How to Set-Up & Access Shopify Admin Panel
    • Shopify Domain Set up
    • How to Connect Domain to Shopify
  2. Shopify Settings:
    • General Settings in Shopify
    • Shopify Location Settings – How do I manage locations on Shopify
    • Plans and Permissions Settings for Shopify
    • Shopify Notifications – Setup Email & SMS Notification in Shopify
    • Shopify Languages – How to Have Multiple Languages on Shopify Store
    • How To Setup Checkout Settings On Shopify Store
  3. Billing, Payment, and Taxation Setup:
    • Shopify Payments Setup – How to Set your Payment Settings in Shopify
    • Shopify Setup – How to Setup Billing Process in Shopify ?
    • Shopify Setup – How to Set Up Shipment and Delivery Settings on Shopify
    • Shopify Setup – How to Manage Policies and Legal Settings in Shopify
    • Shopify Taxation- How To Know About Taxes on our Shopify Store
    • Shopify Pricing Explained – Plans, Fees & Many More
  4. Creating Pages and Blogs in Shopify:
    • Shopify Setup- The Concept of Creating Pages in Shopify
    • How to Add a Contact Us Page on Shopify
    • Shopify Blog – How to Write a Blog Post
  5. Products and Collections:
    • Shopify Setup – How To Add Product on Shopify
    • Shopify Setup – How To Add a Variable Product on your website
    • Shopify Collections – How to Set up Collection Section
  6. Shopify Themes & Apps:
    • Shopify Theme Customization
    • What is Shopify Debut Theme
    • Introduction to Shopify Apps for Beginners
    • How to Change Shopify Theme to Brooklyn
  7. Store Customization & Management:
    • How to Set up Media and Files in Shopify
    • Creating Navigation Menu in Shopify
    • Learn How to Add Shopify Logo
    • Making The Home Page Look Even Better in Shopify
    • The Concept of Preferences in Shopify
    • Shopify Setup – Setting up Transfer Section in Shopify
    • Tapita Page Builder App for Shopify
    • How to Source Products on Shopify (Shopify Techniques)
    • Shopify Inventory Management
  8. Gift Cards in Shopify:
    • GiftCards in Shopify
    • Create Gift Cards on Shopify
  9. Growing Business:
    • How to Build a Sales Channel in Shopify
    • How to Set Abandoned Checkouts
    • How to Get Customer’s Data on Shopify
    • How to Create & Set Up Shopify Discount?
    • Shopify Analytics Walkthrough – How to Use Shopify Analytics

Module 3

  1. Introduction to Facebook Ads (How to Get Clients from Facebook Ads):
    • What is SMM, SEM & SMO
    • Difference Between PPC & Facebook Ads
    • What is Facebook Page, Groups & Profile
    • Facebook Messenger, Instagram & WhatsApp Automation
    • Understanding the Facebook Ads Ecosystem
    • What is Business Manager, overview & how to Create Business Manager
    • What is Ad Account/Ads Manager & Payment Settings
    • Whats is Facebook Pixel/Datasets
    • How to share or access other BM Assets
    • Difference b/w Campaign, Ad sets, Ads
    • Understand Facebook Campaign Objectives
    • Custom Conversions, Lookalikes and Custom Audiences
    • Whats is Special Special ad categories
    • FB Buying type
    • A/B test
    • Advantage campaign budget
    • Strategy for Messaging Campaign
    • Strategy for Leads Campaign
    • Manual Lead Generation Campaign
    • Advantage+ audience Lead Generation Campaign
    • Details Targeting
    • Narrow Audeince
    • Placements
    • Ad Creative Guide
    • Facebook Leads Costing Sheet
    • Understand the Facebook Metrics

Module 4

  1. Designing on Canva
  2. How to Sell Digital Products for Short & Long term
  3. Which Platform is best for digital products?
  4. Stores Flipping
  5. Make Rs 100,000 per month with Digital Products Store

Bonus (Most Important)

  1. Lifetime Free Resources (Regular Update)
  2. Premium Content for Reselling
  3. Secret Niche to Grow on YouTube Quickly (Make Money with Passive Income)
  4. $50 per hour- Shopify Effective Tactics to Boost Sales

Payment Process

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